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Lovapalooza: Hunk’s Special

October 18, 2008
It’s seem that our hot hunks are really good kisser, sharing with us thier sweet lips for us to feast … Enjoy my first installment of Pinoy Actors kissing Pinoy Actor.

top to bottom: Polo and Luis, Polo and Joseph, William and Tyron, Paolo and Arnold

Paolo Paraiso & Arnold Reyes: Kiss

October 15, 2008

I forgot this to upload, now lets have a sweet kisses for everyone, still it came from the scenes in “IMORAL”.

Paolo Paraiso: Exposed

October 13, 2008
….. PAOLO PARAISO’s Beautiful Butt……

Soo.. bubbly.., Paolo Paraiso show his butt in an a***l scene in the movie “Imoral” oposite with Arnold Reyes. Well..
Imoral is an indie film about an unusual triangle relationship of a husband with his wife and his lover. The film explores the dynamics of the relationship of a husband with his wife and his lover – and they live all together in one house. This seen is taken from Immoral VCD, which is available now in all leading Video and Records stores nationwide.

Paolo Paraiso & Arnold Reyes: An Imoral Kiss?

October 13, 2008

Paolo Paraiso make his big screen transistion via “Imoral” opposite Katherine Luna and Arnold Reyes with Edgar Allan Guzman. The film is directed by Adolfo Alix Jr. Immoral tackles the dynamics of the relationship between a husband, his wife and his lover as they all live in one house. Paolo portrays the taxi driver who divides his time between his lover and his wife. Arnold Reyes plays an Engineer and a nurturing lover of Paolo. By living a such an arrangement the three lovers become the target of the community.