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Lavapalooza:"Daybreak" Hunk Special

December 18, 2008

Coco Martin and Paolo Rivero was passionate in thier lovescenes in the Indie movie “Daybreak”, Coco is a boatman and they have a one night to decide whether or not to continue thier same-sex realtionship. The story was entirely shot in a rest house in Tagaytay behind the viels of of words, they are drawn each other, but will sunrise brings this intimacy to and end?. Here are some scene of thier passionate kissing scene in the movie… Courtesy of

Paolo Rivero: In Versus

December 17, 2008

Versus M2M VCD is already out in videos store’s noted scene for Paolo Rivero who was last seen in an indie Movie “Daybreak” opposite with Coco Martin. Now, he stars again for Versus, he has a frontal nudity scene in the video while he is lying on the bed but it was a long shot. Promotional photos above are courtesy of Pilipig. Click the link for the review of “Versus” via

Paolo Rivero vs. Paolo Serrano

December 10, 2008

M2M video Paolo Rivero VERSUS Paolo Serrano is already out on VCDs and DVDs. It’s the third of the series of M2M videos — a narrative feature about the stages of gay love. Bonus features in DVD — pictorial and behind-the scenes

photos and article courtesy of Eliseo Gonzaga/Pilipig